The International Championship BRICS Future Skills Challenge - 2022 Has Started

The International Championship BRICS Future Skills Challenge - 2022 Has Started
The international championship BRICS Future Skills Challenge - 2022 is being held online at SUAI from October 31st to November 25th, 2022 -  a team of 16 participants and compatriot experts competes with the representatives of the BRICS countries.

The first competitive day included the contest of the Machine Learning and Big Data, as well as 5G Radio Engineering and Further Development competencies. This time, the software for all the competencies is from China therefore the participants have to execute the tasks using the unfamiliar programs in English.

The Chinese representatives assisted our team in preparation for the championship. Among others special lectures have been arranged, provided the assistance for understanding the foreign programs to work in. Ahead there are 3 days to complete the competition task. In my opinion the guys prepared very well, improved their knowledge and primed for victory. I'm sure they can do it!" - Danil Muzafarov, the technical expert in the 5G Radio Engineering and Subsequent Generations competence, employee of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Info communication Technologies.

Pavel Zhukov, a contestant in the Machine Learning and Big Data competence (a student at the Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems) already has considerable experience in machine learning, Pavel is the winner of the industry championship in information technology DigitalSkills-2022 and the winner of the V National Interuniversity Championship Young professionals 2021 final.

The team took part in the intensive Training Camp, dedicated to a detailed study of various approaches to data analysis in English: We had a unique opportunity to refresh our knowledge in the field of classical data analysis methods, for example, the Python language with the interactive environment notebook Jupyter. I also managed to get acquainted with a new tool for me - the Tableau application. Particular attention in the course is given to new solutions that can significantly speed up the work with data.

SUAI team participates only in 4 competencies of the championship.

Our students and teachers are always ready and open for anything new! We wish them good luck in the international level!