II International Forum Mathematical Methods and Models in High-Tech Production

II International Forum Mathematical Methods and Models in High-Tech Production
More than 100 participants took part in the forum, including representatives of universities from Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The first International Forum Mathematical Methods and Models in High-Tech Production was held at the SUAI in 2021, reports were presented in several sections that worked for two days. As a result of the event, a collection of theses and reports with a volume of more than 300 pages was published. The great interest shown to the first forum turned it into a regular one.

This year the forum consists of five sections: Fundamental Mathematics - the Basis of High-Tech Production, Mathematical Modeling of Physical Phenomena in a Solid, Liquid and Gas, Mathematical Methods and Models in Instrumentation and Radio Electronics, Cyber-physical Systems and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Science-intensive Production, as well as Modeling of Natural and Technical Systems and Quality Management.

-Modern production and industry 4.0 place ever higher demands on the development of science in general and on mathematical science in particular. Now there is much talk on digital technologies and digitalization, but at the heart of the digit lie serious mathematical methods. These days everyone has smartphones and the applications installed implement serious formulas and algorithms which are the essence of mathematics. Therefore it is very important for us to meet and discuss acute problems in the mathematical field. I am glad that at the SUAI site we managed to gather respected scientists, dear colleagues who have devoted their activities to mathematics. Thanks to digital technologies colleagues from other countries also take part remotely. Let me wish to everyone a fruitful work, interesting reports, heated disputes and a lot of positive emotions from communicating with colleagues, - said Valery Matyash, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the SUAI.

The main target of the forum is the experience exchange for application of modern methods of mathematical modeling and intelligent systems in High-Tech production - both in theoretical and applied aspects, including automation of industrial facilities, data protection methods and educational technologies.