SUAI federal innovation platform ranked among the best in 2022 in Russia

SUAI federal innovation platform ranked among the best in 2022 in Russia
On November 28-29, at the Russian State Geological Prospecting University named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze (Moscow), a seminar "Trends in Development and Promising Areas of Innovative Activity in the Field of Higher Education Based on the Results of the Analysis of Federal Innovative Projects" was held.

The seminar was aimed at exchanging experience in implementing the most successful and effective innovative projects and programs implemented by federal innovation platforms under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia, discussing the possibilities of scaling up and disseminating the most effective models and practices.

The representatives of 18 federal innovation platforms attended the seminar, as well as educational, scientific and public organizations, state authorities and local governments managing education and science.

Alexei Rabin, Director of the Center for the Coordination of Scientific Research, made a presentation at the plenary session of the seminar "Training for the Benefit of Aerospace Enterprises in Modern Conditions", he informed about the opening of the SUAI Center for Aerospace Research and Development (Aerospace R&D Center) and implementation on the basis of the federal innovation platform of the SUAI international master's program "Embedded Computer Systems and Design of Electronic Means based on Unpackaged and Built-in Elements".

This program is a joint project of the Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems and the Institute of Radio Engineering and Infocommunication Technologies. The SUAI has the status of a federal innovation platform for the period of implementation of this project in 2021-2025. Federal innovation platforms operate in 149 higher educational institutions of Russia.