On the Day of Russian Science, a Scientific Complex of the Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems Was Opened at the SUAI

On the Day of Russian Science, a Scientific Complex of the Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems Was Opened at the SUAI
An opening of a scientific complex for Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems took place in the Day of Russian Science at State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.
Today, the updated Department of Technical Systems Management of the Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems was opened. Undoubtedly, the SUAI development program until 2030 contributed to the acceleration of the introduction of new audiences into the educational process, as well as the relevance of the main specialties of the department's training for such areas of the Priority 2030 program as Aerospace, Instrument Engineering, Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence. It is very symbolic that the SUAI received a new scientific and educational space on the Day of Russian science, I congratulate all employees, faculty and students - this is likely to implement at a decent level the field of training specialists in the field of automatic control systems and electronics already in the new academic semester, noted by the Rector of the SUAI, the St. Petersburg Russian Section of the ISA in 2014, Professor Yu. A. Antokhina.

The institute has the following grounds: an auditorium for lectures and practical classes; two computer classes with demonstration rooms are supposed to be used for practical and laboratory classes; several laboratories equipped with educational and laboratory complexes, such as:

  • laboratory of microprocessor technology, equipped with NI ELVIS II hardware and software systems, consisting of workstations with replaceable reference panels, which have the functionality of the most commonly used laboratory instruments;
  • laboratory of actuators of automatic control and occurrence of drives for studying and testing on actuators of automatic control systems and electric drives of alternating and direct current;
  • theory of automatic control laboratory, equipped with laboratory complexes for the study of individual elements of the ACS, and the operation of control systems in general;
  • laboratory of electronics equipped with workstations with removable panels that allow to research typical distinctive individual components separately and as part of multi-stage circuits.

Now students can carry out not only works related to the implementation of the curriculum at research complexes, but also conduct research works, which results can be used at partner enterprises. Starting from the second year of study, SUAI students will work not only with simulation equipment, but also with real devices,- said SUAI Vice-Rector for Educational Technologies and Innovation, Director of the SUAI Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems, an active member of the St. Petersburg Russian Section of ISA Professor V. F. Shishlakov.

The complex opening ceremony was attended by active members of the St. Petersburg Russian section of the ISA - I.A. Pavlov, G. Yu. Peshkova, S. V. Solyony, N. N. Mayorov, A. V. Bobovich.