SUAI Team won the IV International Business Game Tochka Rosta

SUAI Team won the IV International Business Game Tochka Rosta
This year, five universities took part in the business-game: SUAI, North-West Institute of Management of RANEPA, Polotsk State University named after Euphrosyne of Polotsk, Belarusian State University and Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service. The cup went to the team of St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation

The main landmark of the business game is the popularization of technological entrepreneurship among the students. Bachelor's, specialist's and master's degree students competed in three competitions: team presentation, business case presentation and a blitz survey.

The key task was the development of a business case for the customer company Uvenco. The students were assessing the feasibility of placing the company's vending equipment in the academic buildings of the university and the dormitories.

The jury members also paid attention to the innovative ideas of the participants. For example, BSU students suggested introducing branded coffee cups with the SUAI logo, as well as adding vegan food. The SUAI team turned out to be no less inventive - the guys developed their own drink, a box for replenishing the machine, the integration of the 24U application into the SUAI Sputnik, as well as an additional payment terminal to speed up the service.

The most in-depth economic analysis was offered by the SUAI team. This year the university was represented by: Igor Grishchenko - captain, Margarita Nikolaeva, Elizaveta Tselovalnikova, Maxim Kalinin, Elizaveta Tammi and Varvara Kuzmina.

- Responsibility grows with each performance, the tension in this game only goes up, - concluded Igor Grishchenko.

The captain of the SUAI team also noted that Tochka Rosta is not a game about competition, but about unification. And this is true - at the end of the competitive day, the teams and members of the student council of dormitory No. 3 gathered for common dinner. The guys from the Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service prepared for everyone a national dish - Uzbek pilaf. We wish the students to stay in touch with each other so that they can meet again next year at the anniversary game!