Forum “Russian modern avionics – 2023”

Forum “Russian modern avionics – 2023”
Next SUAI students took part in the Forum “Russian Modern Avionics – 2023” held in St. Petersburg on April 21.

The Forum was attended by leading representatives of the aviation and radio-electronic industry, aircraft and helicopter industries, developers and manufacturers of avionics equipment for aircraft, IT sector, specialists of research institutes and educational institutions.

Students of SUAI Engineering School: Vsevolod Shokalsky, Rostislav Burdakov and Andrey Shinkevich, were among the participants of the Forum. They are the developers of the Vertical project which participated in the crash test and Q&A session.

The Forum became an important event for the aviation and radio-electronic industry, where the latest developments were presented and topical issues were discussed. The Forum participants exchanged knowledge and experience, which will accelerate the development of the industry and increase the competitiveness of Russian developments on the world market.