SUAI at UNESCO Digital Learning Week

SUAI at UNESCO Digital Learning Week
On September 5 to 7, the UNESCO Headquarters hosted the Digital Learning Week, which was a continuation of the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, held annually for the past 10 years

This new annual UNESCO flagship event on digital learning includes a set of events aimed at uniting  politicians, practitioners, teachers, private sector partners, researchers and representatives of development agencies into a global community in order to jointly develop a further response to the new dynamics of digital learning. To manage the digital transformation in education, policy makers and practitioners need to develop models that ensure reliable management, maintenance and interaction of technology and people.

The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education invited the Deputy Head of the SUAI UNESCO Chair on Distance Engineering Education as an expert to speak at one of the key sessions with a report on the best practices of the SUAI Chair in the field of application of new technologies in education.

As a result of the Digital Learning Week activities a Guide to the use of generative AI in education and research was designed to help integrate generative AI into the educational sphere.